You in Mind

Psychological therapies, and non-clinical peer support, for people who have, or are at risk of, a diagnosed mental illness and are part of one of the eligible population groups. 



Mild to moderate mental health problems/illness and identifies as one of these population groups: 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups 
  • Residents of Claymore, Airds and the 2168 postcode 
  • People living in Wollondilly and Wingecarribee with barriers to using Better Access (Medicare) services 
  • Older People 
  • Financial Disadvantaged 
  • Perinatal Depression 


  • Diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness 

Services available: Psychological therapies delivered by mental health professionals and are matched to the persons mental health needs (short and medium term clinical supports). 

Following referral and initial assessment, clients may be linked in with a peer worker to receive peer support. This can include, soft-entry into clinical services, psychoeducation, advocacy and links to psychosocial supports.

Referral pathwaysGPs and SWSPHN approved referrers via central intake.



South Western Sydney PHN Mental Health Central Intake:

Enquiries: 1300 797 746 (1300 SWS PHN)

All referrals fax to: 4623 1796

Case Studies

You in Mind – Provisional Referral

Sue - Female - Age 23

Sue is a 23-year-old female living in the Southern highlands with her mother.

Sue has a family history of mental illness, including depression and anxiety. Over the past four years, Sue had been travelling overseas and has spent time attending spiritual retreats and self-help groups. Since returning home, Sue has resumed work in cafes, and works long hours. On her two days’ off, Sue usually meets friends in Sydney or stays local. She has maintained some friendships from school, however describes high school as a source of distress due to targeted and sustained bullying at 14 years of age. Sue believes it was during this time that she became depressed and experienced chronic suicidal thoughts, but did not receive treatment.

Sue became a client of You in Mind after spending a weekend in Sydney. During this time Sue was consuming alcohol and stimulants, and whilst driving home became overwhelmed with memories, causing a panic attack and disorientation. Following this, Sue visited a local GP practice she had never been to before and was seen by the doctor immediately. The doctor assessed her mental state, noting Sue’s uncertainty about receiving mental health treatment. Sue agreed to meet a You in Mind mental health professional under a ‘provisional’ referral, meaning she would be able to attend up to three sessions without a Mental Health Treatment Plan, during which time a therapeutic relationship may be developed between Sue and the clinician and questions around therapy could be answered. Ultimately this option for soft entry, empowered Sue to take control of her health while being provided a quick and responsive service.

After the three sessions were complete, Sue agreed to return to the GP to have a Mental Health Treatment Plan developed so that she could access the remaining nine sessions under You in Mind.

Sue is regularly attending therapy and is making positive progress.


You in Mind – Provisional Referral

Fred - Male - Age 55

Fred is a 55-year-old married man with three adult sons who all live independently, two who live interstate. Fred’s wife was diagnosed with a degenerative physical illness ten years ago which has confined her to a wheel chair. She needs in home support as Fred works and is also managing his own chronic physical illness. Fred’s parents were German migrants post WW2. He grew up in the Wollondilly/Wingecarribee region and left school to learn the trade of building. He has no family history or previous experience of mental health issues, however reports deteriorating mood and increasing feelings of hopelessness over the last few years. To date, he has not spoken of his parent’s experiences during the war. His children are all managing well and have no evidence of ill health.

Fred was referred to the You in Mind service through the local Community Mental Health team (a nominated referring agency of You in Mind) who sought Fred’s consent to share his contact details and passed them onto the You in Mind service provider – Community Links.

A You in Mind mental health professional contacted Fred to meet for the first of three sessions without having to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Fred chose to meet at a convenient time and location in a local park, and he explained how he came to seek support via the Community Mental Health team.

Over the course of two sessions, Fred decided to continue to attend therapy with the You in Mind Clinician and made an appointment with his GP to have a Mental Health Treatment Plan developed. The You in Mind clinician also spoke with Fred’s GP in preparation of the appointment and offered follow up support to walk through the referral process if needed.

Fred continues to see the You in Mind clinician fortnightly for office based therapy, he has noticed an improvement in his mood and reduction in symptoms.

You in Mind

Erin - Female

I have been extremely impressed with the service I received from PHN South Western Sydney, from the moment I was put in touch with a clinician, and throughout the process thereafter. In the past, I have been hesitant to seek professional advice for personal concerns, however a major change in my life made me realise I require the help of health professional.

The clinician I was referred to, Martin (Community Links), was fantastic from the first consultation. He showed empathy, understanding and left me leaving my first appointment feeling extremely empowered. 

A feeling that was vital for me moving forward with the next challenges I was to face in my situation. Throughout our consultations he was able to put so many of my exisiting feelings and concerns into words and helped me to understand my strengths, values and understand my situation on a different level.

He did all of this with an extremely ‘down to earth’ approach. Like chatting to a friend! Looking back on the extremely difficult time I was going through, I honestly believe I couldn’t have gotten through it near as well, without the support and guidance of Martin. I highly recommend the services of Martin and the team at PHN South Western Sydney and strongly hope others find the experience as nurturing and helpful as I did. 



Provider information

  • One Door Mental Health
    Mild to moderate and severe and enduring needs in Camden/ Campbelltown/Liverpool/Bankstown/Fairfield - Phone: 9199 6143   
  • Community Links Wellbeing
    Mild to moderate and severe and enduring needs Wollondilly/Wingecarribee - Phone: 4683 2776
  • Connection Emotion Reflection
    Mild to moderate needs for those who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in Camden/Campbelltown/Wollondilly/Wingecarribee - Phone: 4684 3633 


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One Door You in Mind brochure

Connection Emotion Reflection You in Mind brochure



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