Quit smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are many, and smokers will begin to feel better straight away, as the body begins to repair itself.

Smokers generally find they need to make a few attempts to quit before they quit for good. The more times you try to quit smoking, the more likely it is you will quit for good.

With the right support, smokers can kick the habit for good.

Where to get help?


  • Call the Quitline
    • All Quitlines - 13 78 48
    • NSW Aboriginal Quitline - 13 78 48
    • Arabic Quitline - 1300 7848 03 
    • Vietnamese Quitline - 1300 7848 65
    • Chinese Quitline - 1300 7848 36

A telephone interpreter can be arranged for other languages.        

Mobile health

  • Get the My QuitBuddy app The quit buddy helps you quit on your terms. You can set your quit goals, and jump on the forum to talk to other quitters
  • Join QuitTxt - QuitTXT is an interactive SMS program to help keep you focussed on quitting and staying quit. The text messages are tailored to where you are on your quit journey. If you text a word like STRESS, BORED or SOCIAL you will recieve an instant reply with a strategy to deal with the situation.  It takes around 5-10 minutes to sign up. 


  • Join IcanQuit – an online community for inspiration and support, track how many cigarettes you smoke and your number of smoke free days, see how much money you can save if you quit
  • Download the Quit Kit

Your doctor can help

  • Speak to your doctor about the best quit plan for you. Nicotine patches are available at a cheaper price if prescribed by your doctor. Some people prefer to take medications to quit.