SWSPHN is currently undertaking a 6-month POLAR GP trial. Our aim is to evaluate the use of POLAR GP within General Practice and to compare it to competing software vendors. 


For more information about the trial and POLAR GP, please see below.




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1. What is POLAR GP?

POLAR (Population Level Analysis & Reporting) is a both secure and powerful business intelligence tool, used at your practice via a user-friendly online portal. With the appropriate administrative rights it allows access to practice data were filters can be applied in an intuitive manner allowing the user to navigate and find the information they require.


2. Why use POLAR GP?

POLAR GP is designed to be used by principal owners, practice managers and other staff. It's use has 5 aims:

i) To help provide better patient care. Examples include identifying high risk patients based on key clinical indicators.

ii) To improve practice data quality and help meet accreditation standards.

iii) To support business development by identifying MBS opportunities.

iv) POLAR GP's deidentified data can help with understanding current population health trends to assist with future planning.

v) POLAR GP in conjunction with SWSPHN QIPC program can also provide monthly/quarterly reports presenting your practice data in comparison to the RACGP standards set by the 5th edition and also in comparison with your fellow peer practices in South Western Sydney.


3. What does it look like?




5. Who is eligible?

To be eligible please contact your Practice Support Officer to see if you can join our trial. Please note POLAR GP is only compatible with Medical Director, Best Practice, Pracsoft and Zedmed.


6. What is the cost to the Practice?

There is no direct cost to the practice. POLAR GP is fully subsided by SWSPHN, and there will be no ongoing product costs. An agreement to provide de-identified practice data to SWSPHN is required for the use of the tool. 


7. What training will be provided for POLAR GP?

Training can be provided face to face upon installation of POLAR GP, through SWSPHN staff and through support videos in the POLAR GP tool. Please check our resource page for more information.


8. How will the privacy of your patients and providers be protected?

Privacy concerns are a top priority for SWSPHN. At no point does any identified patient data leave your practice. At your practice the data extraction tool de-identifies the data and sends the encrypted data securely to the POLAR Data Warehouse.


9. Who has the right to use this data?

Your PHN can use the de-identified aggregated practice data through a secure web portal. Privacy is further protected in this portal with geographical information concerning patients disappearing once patients drop below a count of 20 people. Aggregated de-identified patient data may be used for PHN approved research that will benefit the community and service system.


10. How is SWSPHN going to use the aggregated de-identified patient data? 

De-identified patient data that is extracted from practices will be used alongside state data sets to improve population health planning and provide better patient outcomes across the region. This will include providing education and training in areas of need, identification of service gaps, commissioning and incentivising of new services and evaluating program outcomes. This data will also assist in bench-marking your practice across the region to inform and highlight areas of value in your practice. 


Any other Queries?

Please contact your Practice Support Officer to find out more.

Otherwise if you wish to participate in our trial please contact:


Barsoum Girgis

SWSPHN’s Health Systems Improvement Coordinator

p. (02) 4632 3000

e. barsoum.girgis@swsphn.com.au