Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement (PIP QI)

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As of 1 August 2019, the number and type of incentives available within PIP has changed. 

Four of the existing incentives will cease and a new PIP QI Incentive will commence.

The following four incentives ceased in July 2019:

  • Asthma Incentive
  • Quality Prescribing Incentive
  • Cervical Screening Incentive
  • Diabetes Incentive

The seven PIP incentives that will remain unchanged include:

  • eHealth (Digital Health) Incentive
  • After Hours Incentive
  • Rural Loading Incentive
  • Teaching Payment
  • Indigenous Health Incentive
  • Procedural General Practitioner Payment
  • General Practitioner Aged Care Access Incentive



What is PIP QI?

The new PIP QI incentive supports general practices, rewarding them with a payment for participation in a quality improvement activity managed by their local Primary Health Network.


To qualify for a PIP QI Incentive payment, a general practice needs to meet two requirements:

  1. Participate in Continuous Quality Improvement in partnership with their local PHN
  2. Electronically submit the PIP Eligible Data Set to the local PHN

Eligible practices can receive a maximum payment of $12,500 per quarter, based on $5 per Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent. To receive a payment, general practices must have submitted their quarterly data at least once during the data submission period for that quarter. ACCHS and other IAHP organisations will provide KPI data within their existing arrangement with the Department of Health. The data provided is de-identified and any measures from an individual practice will not be made available to the Department of Health.


Is my practice eligible for PIP QI?

To be eligible to receive a PIP QI payment general practices must:

  • be eligible for the PIP (if you wish to apply for the PIP, visit here)
  • register for the PIP QI Incentive
  • electronically submit the PIP Eligible Data Set to their local PHN quarterly
  • undertake continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with their local PHN

Eligibility information
For more information about eligibility for the PIP QI please see:

To be eligible to receive a PIP QI payment ACCHS and other IAHP organisations must:

  • be eligible for the PIP
  • register for the PIP QI Incentive
  • report on the KPIs to the Department of Health
  • undertake quality improvement activities within their existing arrangement with the Department of Health

Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive Guidelines ACCHS and other IAHP funded organisations may choose to share data with their local PHN. However, they don’t need to do this in order to receive the PIP QI Incentive payment. They are not required to report on the 10 Improvement Measures.


Compatible clinical desktop software 

South Western Sydney PHN accepts electronically submitted data using clinical audit tool POLAR.

The following clinical desktop softwares are compatible:


  • Medical Director
  • Best Practice
  • Zedmed
  • Genie
  • Medtech


What are the next steps?

Step 1: Ensure you have read and understood the following Department of Health documents:

Step 2: Apply for PIP QI 

From 1 August 2019, eligible practices can apply for the overarching PIP and PIP QI Incentive through HPOS using your PRODA account.

Step 3: Inform SWSPHN that you wish to participate

Get in contact with your SWSPHN Practice Support Officer or call (02) 4632 3000 to inform us you have enrolled in the program.
From here, SWSPHN will help organise an appropriate software license and data sharing agreement with your practice and assist to set up the automated de-identified data transfer to SWSPHN.

Step 4: Work with the SWSPHN team to facilitate QI in your practice

SWSPHN offers two forms of support that enables practices to meet Requirement 1 of PIP QI:

1. Quality Improvement in Primary Care program (QIPC)

  • Quarterly PIP QI report with the 10 Improvement Measures
  • A range of additional data quality and clinical QI reports created from your practice data
  • Quarterly visits by the SWSPHN team to facilitate QI in your practice
  • Email/phone/remote desktop support to facilitate quality improvement in your practice

2. Self-directed QI

  • Receive quarterly PIP QI report with the 10 improvement measures
  • Utilise helpful SWSPHN resources to identify and track your QI goals and progress
  • Visit QIPC resources page for more info


Step 5: Save your QI work somewhere safe

SWSPHN recommends saving your QI reports, resources and Model for Improvement (PDSAs) with your general practice accreditation documentation. The practice is responsible for retaining evidence they are participating in continuous quality improvement in partnership with SWSPHN as per the PIP QI Incentive Guidelines.

For more information contact your Practice Support Officer or call SWSPHN on (02) 4632 3000.


​Links & Resources:

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PIP QI Fact Sheet


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