Partners in Recovery

If you are a practitioner and would like to know more about Partners in Recovery, please visit Partners in Recovery for Practitioners.

What is Partners in Recovery?
Partners in Recovery is a program that helps people with a mental illness find a support team that’s right for them. People can access a Support Facilitator in their local area in South Western Sydney.

If you have a severe and persistent mental illness
A Partners in Recovery (PIR) Support Facilitator will help you identify the supports that you need.

Once you and your Support Facilitator have identified the team of services and support that will help improve your care and recovery, your Support Facilitator will work with you to access the services you need. Your Support Facilitator will work with you to make sure everything is going to plan, and that you are getting the agreed services and support. They will work with you to iron out any problems you are having with the program and to hear how your recovery is progressing.

If you are a carer or family member
Partners in Recovery (PIR) recognises the important role carers and family members play in the care and recovery of a person with a severe mental illness. A Support Facilitator will talk to carers and family members to discuss the services and support team you feel would be most helpful, with agreement from the consumer.

Once a team of services and supports has been identified the Support Facilitator can provide the necessary coordination to ensure access. The Support Facilitator will also regularly check the program to make sure everything is going to plan, to iron out any problems with the program and continue talking to carers and family members. 

Carers and family members will always be involved unless of course there are no legal or other compelling reasons not to.

Referral line - 1300 PIR SWS (1300 747 797)
Anyone can refer to PIR South Western Sydney including self referral, carers, family members or health professionals. Simply call 1300 747 797 during office hours and speak to the Intake Officer or fill in this referral form.

Partners in Recovery is the contact point to find the support and services you need which could include:



General Practitioners /

Social Workers

Occupational Therapists


Diabetes health


Alcohol and drug treatment

Financial and budgeting

Clinical case management

Income support services

Supported accommodation

Housing support

Personal helpers and mentors

Support for day to day living

Independent living

Carer and family support services

Parenting support services

Education and training

Employment services

Family services

Child protection

Domestic violence

Legal services

Justice services

Recreational services and activities


PIR South Western Sydney (PIR SWS)
PIR SWS is led by One Door Mental Health in partnership with South Western Sydney PHN working with other local services and support agencies to ensure that you are able to access the supports that you need.

The geographic area covered by the SWS PIR covers the local government areas of Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee. The SWS PIR will access approximately 1,000 people with severe and persistent mental illness across this region through a network of Support Facilitators who will coordinate services in accordance with clients’ Recovery Action Plans.

No Wrong Door
Partners in Recovery SWS are committed to ensuring you have easy access to the mental health services you need in South Western Sydney. We would like to imagine a community where services can work together where someone with a mental illness and their carer could access any service, through any door, and find the support they need when they need it. Imagine a community where for someone needing help, there is no wrong door.

Partners in Recovery have released a Web App where consumers, carers, friends, and family members are able to easily access a directory of services and information about emergency or crisis situations, common mental illnesses, and mental health practitioners. You can access the WebApp here.

Further information
For more information contact PIR SWS on 1300 179 765 or visit

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