Our Experience Matters

Our Experience Matters is SWSPHN’s mental health reference group, made up of consumers and carers within South Western Sydney with lived mental health experience. SWSPHN highly values the insight and contribution the reference group makes towards the planning, delivery and review of primary mental health services.

The Our Experience Matters Advisory Committee, established in October 2016, have made many invaluable contributions to the design and implementation of locally tailored mental health services. These include participation in co-design workshops, program tender evaluation and mental health services communication with the local community.
The Our Experience Advisory Committee convene bi-monthly for committee meetings. These meetings serve as a platform for SWSPHN to have regular consultations with members to gather their expert opinions and advise in PHN mental health-related activities. The meetings also serve as an opportunity for the PHN to communicate updates and progress in their efforts to actively improve and address the mental health six key priority areas, to ensure organisational transparency/probity and foster community participation.

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