UPDATE: NewAccess is not currently taking referrals, but will be back soon.

NewAccess is a free, easily accessible service that provides support for people experiencing the stress of life pressures. The service has been developed by beyondblue and is delivered by Bolton Clarke.

NewAccess coaches are specially trained and experienced in working with clients on CBT strategies and to set practical, effective goals that will help them get back on track. Underpinned by 10+ years of reasearch including a three-year trial in Australia, the program is proven to help people hesitant to engage with mental health services and helps people tackle day-to-day pressures caused by work, family, health or financial issues that are affecting their life.

The program comprises six free sessions with a NewAccess coach, with sessions taking place over the phone or face-to-face. At the first appointment the coach will complete an initial assessment with the client and develop a program that’s tailored to their specific needs.

GP referrals can be made, but clients can also self-refer to access the program. It is available to anybody over 18.

"Together, we can make a plan and take positive action."

Find out more at NewAccess South Western Sydney or phone 1800 010 630.

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