Manage my diet, activity and weight

Diet is an important part of the management of diabetes and controlling weight.  Individual foods are less important than your overall eating pattern.  A good diet pattern can be difficult to maintain. However with the right support, you can improve your diet. 

Physical activity is also important in managing your diabetes and controlling weight. Physical activity can help stop weight gain and improve the sugar levels in your body.  It is also important to avoid prolonged periods of sitting.  What matters is the total amount of movement which you do in a day.

Where to get help?

  • Contact the “Get Healthy” line which has a specific diet and physical activity program for people with diabetes.
    • Your GP practice can register you using a form which is available in the practice software.
    • Phone 1300 806 258
    • Website
    • A telephone interpreter can be arranged for other languages.

Go to the “8700” website.

This provides a lot of information on the energy content of foods especially fast foods and the amount of energy you use us in physical activity.   It can help you to set goals for changing your diet and physical activities.

Go to the Making Healthy Normal site for suggestions about how you can do more physical activity as part of your normal day

  • You can find an exercise program in your local area or a local walking group
  • Download an APP to monitor your daily diet.  Examples of these include Easy Diet Diary - Australian Calorie Counter.
  • Use the step counter on your mobile phone or a fitness tracker (these are now available for less than $25) to measure how many steps you do in a day and set a goal.  See this website for using your iPhone or Android phone as a fitness tracker
  • Speak to your doctor and nurse about the best diet and physical activity plan and weight target for you. Discuss referral to dietitian or exercise physiologist for some more intensive education. To find a service close to you, use the orange search tool on the right of the screen
  • Some local hospital services offer dietician services. To access these services, you must live in the same Council area of the hospital. You will need a referral from your doctor
    • Bankstown- Lidcombe Hospital Diabetes Centre Dietician Services

Phone (02) 9722 8360 or (02) 9722 8354 

  • Fairfield Hospital Diabetes Centre - Dietitian Services

Phone : (02) 9616 8510  

  • Liverpool Hospital Diabetes Centre - Dieitian Services

Phone: (02) 8738 7175 

  • Macarthur Diabetes Service

Phone: (02) 4634 4028 

  • Bowral Diabetes Service

Phone: (02) 4861 0181