iRAD Project Information


  • SWSPHN commenced iRAD in 2016, with a vendor selected in June 2017
  • The project delivered five sites in 2019 (General Practice and After Hours Clinics).
  • iRAD provides a fit-for-purpose, interoperable dataset to support transition of patient care.
  • Functionality includes sharing clinical data between GPs including using MyHR as a source of data and providing a view of the GP data to an acute setting.


Current Phase 

   iRAD is currently expanding to include:

  • more locations and services within the SWSPHN geographical area.
  • other geographical areas through collaborative partnerships with other PHNs.
  • other healthcare sector services through partnerships with care organisations e.g. Residential Care, Allied Health.


Other information


Future Phases

The ultimate vision is for an interoperable health IT ecosystem that strives to deliver better care to communities, lowering healthcare costs and lead us to value-based care.

Successive phases of the project are being planned after the initial Project iRAD proof of concept:

  • iRAD expansion within South Western Sydney through addition of more General Practice locations
  • iRAD expansion to more geographical regions supporting coordinated patient care
  • Connections to additional clinical software
  • An iterative delivery towards a fully integrated interoperable solution allowing General Practice, local hospitals, specialists, allied health and other healthcare providers in the region to access relevant information at the time of healthcare delivery
  • A common standard for data sharing and streaming all vital patient information from multiple sources into a single stream of truth
  • Supports value-based care models in supporting the achievement of quality standards.
  • Linking advanced analytics, risk scores and population health efforts to support disease management. 


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