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Medical Practice Information 

 What is iRAD? 

  • iRAD (Integrated Real-Time Active Data) is innovative new software for clinicians.
  • It enables critical patient data to be shared between hospitals, GPs and other healthcare providers. iRAD captures patient information entered into clinical software and exchanges it seamlessly across the healthcare continuum, including data within My Health Record
  • Clinicians can save time, improve quality of care and make better clinical decisions by accessing accurate patient data in real-time.

Why use iRAD? 

Better health outcomes

  • Enhanced patient information for better clinical decisions.
  • Improved patient safety - no longer relying on patients re-telling their story,
  • Potential for clinical and medication errors is greatly reduced.
  • Easier coordination of care.

Practical and easy-to-use

  • Connects with Best Practice, Medical Director, My Health Record and other data sources.
  • Quick and easy to record patient consent. Can be recorded by reception, nurse or GP.
  • Single sign-on, no additional logins.

Practice Eligibility
Practices utilising Best Practice or Medical Director software and who meet the following criteria may be eligible to be an iRAD location:  

  • Support local coordinated care programs
  • My Health Record adoption
  • Utilises Secure Messaging
  • Committed to PHN Data Quality improvements
  • Meet minimum software and hardware requirements

Note: iRAD does not work with Medical Director Helix.

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Emergency Department Information

  • For consented patients, acute care teams can view details recorded in General Practice medical records.
  • iRAD provides a single, clear view of a patient’s key clinical information in real-time, from trusted health providers for better patient care
  • iRAD enables patients to move through the system more quickly, with enhanced management and outcomes
  • iRAD facilitates better quality and standardised data from GPs
  • iRAD reduces the replication of patients test results – facilitating better patient safety and reducing the associated costs
  • iRAD supports out-of-hours access to General Practice information 

iRAD - Clinician Resources

iRAD - Implementation Overview Download icon phn blue
iRAD - Clinician Brochure Download icon phn blue

iRAD - Patient Resources
Help inform your patients about iRAD and how it can benefit them.

iRAD - Patient Info Sheet Download icon phn blue
iRAD - Patient Brochure Download icon phn blue
iRAD - Patient Poster 1 Download icon phn blue
iRAD - Patient Poster 2 Download icon phn blue


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