Interactive Realtime Active Data (iRAD) Solution

iRAD— which stands for ‘integrated real-time active data’ — is a strategic project run by the SWSPHN, to share critical patient data between hospitals, GPs and other health professionals in a patient's care team. iRAD delivers a highly secure and truly interoperable system that connects various participating health providers enabling high-quality patient outcomes by providing useful, timely and accurate sharing of patient information between health providers.

It provides a single, clear view of a patient’s key clinical information in real-time, from trusted health providers, enabling better patient care.

The solution:

  • Equips providers with critical information—reduces unnecessary and unwanted volumes of disparate information
  • Improves coordination, transitions, quality and outcomes, promoting accountability and eliminating dangerous gaps during transitions
  • Promotes higher quality of care, better patient outcomes, and increased practice efficiency - less time spent on the phone chasing results
  • Is simple and easy to use – click on a button for a pop up window on top of your existing patient record. Provides additional, meaningful data about that patient from other health providers and data systems
  • Provides productivity savings – reducing the time spent in administrative functions and follow-up activities