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iRAD makes visits to your GP more simple

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What is iRAD?

Imagine if whenever you went to the GP, hospital or medical centre they could instantly access your health information.
No more repeating the same story, trying to remember exact dates, names of medication and medical jargon.

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iRAD is a new technology - meaning your health information can be securely shared with the health professionals taking care of you.

Why should I join iRAD?

iRAD helps your health providers instantly access your up-to-date health information meaning better healthcare for you. Less stress for you - no worries if you forget what medication you’re on or other details.

iRAD helps you get better care

  • if you receive healthcare in multiple locations or go to hospital
  • if English is not your first language
  • if you have a chronic condition like diabetes
  • you may need less pathology and radiology tests because each of your doctors can see all of your results

iRAD will also help your children and other family members who receive care from multiple medical centres and specialists. If you or your family receive care at multiple locations, your iRAD Consent to Share Information must be recorded at each care location.

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Is my information safe with iRAD? There are so many data breaches I hear about!

iRAD uses military grade security. All access is tracked and secured  to ensure trust and traceability. iRAD fully complies with Australian healthcare legislation. Information is stored in Australian-based servers which are monitored and protected 24/7 by cybersecurity experts.

Can private health insurers see my health information?

Private health insurers will NOT be able to access your information.

Will the government see my health information or use it in research?

De-identified (anonymous) health data can be used to help improve healthcare in our local community. This does NOT include patient’s names, addresses or other identifying information.

Isn’t this what My Health Record does? Why do I need both?

My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. iRAD shares additional and more useful information to your health providers within our local area.

What if I don’t want one doctor seeing what the other one is doing?

If there is information you do not want shared, ask your GP to mark the information as Confidential. This information is NOT shared with other healthcare providers.


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iRAD is opt-in, so you won’t be signed up without your consent.
You can find out more information at your GP, medical centre or online.

Questions about iRAD?

phone PHN blue icon  02 4632 3000
Email icon phn blue  irad@swsphn.com.au

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