What Matters Most: Planning for the 'but' - Community Event - 23 May

2nd May 2019

Planning for the ‘but’

Today, I feel good. Today, I feel healthy. Today, there is nothing wrong with me. But what about tomorrow? Or next year?

We don’t know what is in store for us in the future. We don’t know when we will get sick or if something might happens quickly that will completely change our lives.

This is why we plan. We make sure our car is in good working order but we pay for insurance in case of an accident. We work hard now but we also save money and have superannuation so we can live comfortably when we no longer work. We plan for the ‘but’ in almost every part of our lives except one; our health and if we get really sick.

Whether you have a medical condition which is life-limiting or you feel fine, planning for the future in case there comes a time when you may not be able to make medical decisions for yourself is just good planning. It is planning for the ‘but’.

Join us for a FREE morning tea on Thursday 23 May and let’s get talking!


Events Details

To find out more about planning for possible future health challenges, SWSPHN will be hosting a free morning tea infomation session and discussion.

Location: Tahmoor Community Centre

Time & Date: 10am-12pm, Thursday 23 May

Topics covered will include:

  • What is palliative care and why it isn’t only about dying or cancer
  • Advance care planning
  • Dementia including what it is and how it can affect future decision making

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For more information

Contact Ben Neville at ben.neville@swsphn.com.au or call 0455 052 140


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