GP Profile - Dr Liliane Fernandes Carchedi

29th April 2019
Dr Liliane Fernandes Carchedi, GP and Bariatric Medical Practitioner from Tahmoor Medical Centre, is passionate about people and having a positive impact on her patients’ lives.

Dr Liliane Fernandes Carchedi, GP and Bariatric Medical Practitioner from Tahmoor Medical Centre, is passionate about people and having a positive impact on her patients’ lives.


How long have you been a GP and how long have you been practising in Tahmoor/Wollondilly Shire?

I have been working as a GP in Australia for almost three years. I also have long-term experience in Brazil, working as a GP with a special interest in obesity and weight loss management. Working and living at Tahmoor is a pleasure, I can provide good health care for our community and have a peaceful and country quality of life. I’m glad to be working in the Wollondilly Shire.


When/why did you decide you wanted to become a GP?

Being a GP is absolutely beautiful – you are part of the community. By assisting our patients through very important moments of their lives – from birth, raising their kids, going to school, teenage years, getting their first job, starting their families, getting older…passing through the end of life process – you become part of their lives. Most of these moments are good – giving news of pregnancy, assisting a newborn – but, unfortunately, I also have to break bad news – giving a diagnosis of a nasty cancer, supporting families when they have had a loss or helping patients through the process of palliative care. Being a GP is a passion, a passion about people, and I love my job.


What do you love most about being a GP/what part of the job gives you the most satisfaction?

You can do a brilliant job as a family doctor. We have such an important role as GPs, we are the primary health care practitioners, working on prevention, providing proper education, caring, helping patients to live healthier, diagnosing, treating, respecting patients' beliefs and values. By thoroughly doing your job, you can definitely make a difference. I get the most satisfaction from delivering good quality health care, doing a good job, helping patients. When they look at me and say ‘thank you, I’m really glad you are my doctor’, I’m so happy with that. I’m passionate about helping people to live healthier, through the process of the disease and supporting families during a loss and palliative care.


What is the most important thing you/your practice contributes to this community?

Tahmoor is located in an area with a shortage of doctors, especially females. So, being a female GP is an important asset for our community. We can work on prevention, especially in women’s health, with prevention of cervical cancer, awareness of breast cancer and supporting patients during antenatal care. Our practice is well located, we have a good number of GPs, a Senior Clinical Lecturer from Wollongong University, supervisors, registrars, medical students and a multidisciplinary team working with us, delivering high quality health care to our community. Tahmoor Medical Centre is a very well set up place. We have pathology and imaging nearby, and hospitals only 20 to 25 minutes away, which make our jobs enjoyable.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy time with my family - my gorgeous 14-month-old son, beloved hubby and beautiful friends. We are very lucky here, being from overseas, we were always very welcomed, which makes me glad to live in this area. I’m also starting piano classes soon, it is an old passion from my childhood. Australia gives us a brilliant opportunity to have good quality of life and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.


Tell me about your ideal day…

My ideal day was three days ago. I had a very nice day at work and when I got home my husband told me ‘I have a very important thing to show you’, our son was giving his first steps of his life, walking for the first time!


What do you love most about the Wollondilly Shire?

I love the country-style life. I live here in the area and we have a very nice community, people are lovely to each other, we don’t have traffic, we don’t have violence and that rushed way of the city. If you want to go out and have dinner you can drive to a place nearby or even Sydney. I love the area, I love the views and especially the fact that you can have a good quality of life, peaceful, happy, good travel to work, but you can still enjoy the city life if you want.


What advice do you give your patients about maintaining good health?

Prevention is important. We should give our patients the guidance to prevent diseases and to help them grow or get older healthier. I try my best advising patients about healthy lifestyle, including keep an ideal weight, regular exercises, stress management and a healthier diet. As my main interest is in obesity management and weight loss, I provide medical advice and assistance in weight management and post bariatric surgery care. I also assist them to improve important medical comorbidities, such as hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia for example, decreasing their cardiovascular risk. I help them to feel better with themselves and to have a better quality of life.


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