Changes to the management and receipt of NASH PKI certificate

11th December 2018

The Australian Digital Health Agency and the Department of Human Services (DHS) advise that health care provider organisations can now download NASH organisation Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates from Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). This service replaces the process where new NASH PKI certificates are issued on CD ROMs.

Healthcare organisations whose NASH PKI certificate expired after 7 November will not receive the replacement certificates on a CD.  DHS will write to you 60 days before the certificate expires, notifying you of the expiry date and directing you to download a new certificate from your businesses’ HPOS.

Information about the use of HPOS to renew, and revoke your NASH PKI certificates and manage your Medicare PKI certificate can be found on the Department of Human Services website.  To access your HPOS account you first need to create an individual Provider Digital Access PRODA account.  If you have questions about these changes please first go to DHS.  If you need extra support contact the Australian Digital Health Agency at

Website: Department of Human Services

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