GP Profile - Dr Mohammed Hasan

11th December 2018
Dr Mohammed Hasan from Myhealth Medical aims to provide his patients with modern, family-focused and convenient care at his new practice at Macarthur Square.

Dr Mohammed Hasan from Myhealth Medical aims to provide his patients with modern, family-focused and convenient care at his new practice at Macarthur Square. 


How long have you been practising in Campbelltown/Macarthur, and as a whole? 

Myhealth Medical Macarthur Square opened in August, so I’ve been practising in Campbelltown for the past three months. Prior to that I did a short stint in Camden at Schwarz Family Practice. As a doctor, it’s been five plus years all up. The majority of my internship and residency was at Campbelltown Hospital, with time at Bankstown Hospital. I grew up in Ingleburn and Minto, and attended Macquarie Fields High School, so I’m well and truly a local and it’s a great privilege to be back here.


When did you decide you wanted to become a GP? 

I gravitated towards GP near the end of medical school, once we had gone through a fair few rotations and I had a decent understanding of the different specialties. I found that compared with other specialities GPs tended to be happier, more relaxed and live a more balanced life. I asked myself where I wanted to be in 10 years – the answer was very easy.

In terms of the actual work itself, I like the variety being a GP offers, the impact you have on people’s lives, as well as the intellectual challenge. As a GP you’re at the frontline. You see the patient presenting to you often with only two to three pieces of information and you have to tease out a diagnosis from that very limited amount of information. It’s a very rewarding experience when you can figure out what’s going on. Compare that to working in a hospital. You see patients who have told a story time and time again, and come to you with a bunch of blood test and scans. The thinking there is very narrow, you’re just tossing up between two or three things.

In terms of variety, it’s self-evident. You may have one patient talking about their anxiety related to their receding hairline and the next patient is someone complaining about their sore left toe. It’s always interesting and it’s not always the same. One case might be difficult and you might feel exhausted, and the next patient might be just need reassuring about something very straightforward – a slamdunk. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dull moment at work.

In terms of impact, with GP you tend to have a different relationship with your patients. Whereas in other specialties you’re focused on a particular illness or you’re doing a particular task like surgery, as a GP you don’t just see the patient, you see them in the context of the family, in the context of their ups and downs, and I think that through it all you get to appreciate the patient and you get to take care of them in a holistic manner that you just don’t have the opportunity of doing in other specialties.


What are your passions within your role?

As a doctor, my current passions are children’s health and I have a growing passion for treating chronic disease. Children’s health because I’ve always been a bit of a natural, I’ve always found it easy to get along with and interact with babies and children. In this area there are a lot of young families and I get to see a lot of children – it’s something I feel confident about and enjoy. Chronic disease is something I’ve developed a passion for more recently. In a cIinic full-time, you get to follow the patient all the way, you are the only doctor they see. You start to realise how much effort and time goes into managing chronic disease. It’s really rewarding when you see a patient who is motivated, who is putting in the time, and you get to see the good results in terms of improving their health.

As the lead doctor in the clinic, firstly my passion is making the patient health care journey as seamless and convenient as possible. Secondly, my passion is to try to foster a sense of family within the staff and to give that sense of family to the patients.


Are you striving to achieve a certain goal within your practice and/or community? 

The ultimate goal is to improve the health of the community of Campbelltown and the Macarthur region. Our practice provides a great platform to achieve that goal. We foster a sense of family friendliness and emphasise the importance of our patients having a positive experience, with compassionate, evidence-based medicine.

We are lucky that this is a new medical centre so the facilities are modern and purpose-built. We try to make the patient’s journey as convenient, as seamless and as intuitive as possible by providing a one-stop shop model. You have your physiotherapist, psychologist and pathologist all under one roof. Patients don’t have to run around to different services so it reduces the barriers to following through with their management plan.

We also try to make use of technology where possible to increase efficiency. It means staff can spend less time doing meaningless administrative work and more time interacting with our patients both inside and outside the consulting room. Ultimately, that’s what fosters a good relationship which is important if you want your patient to take on board the messages you’re trying to get across to improve their health.

We encourage a collegiate relationship between staff – everyone’s door is always open to everyone else and we encourage collaboration. At the end of the day everyone can learn from everyone else – the doctor is not the be all and end all of all knowledge. Just as the doctor can learn from the receptionist, the physiotherapist can learn from the podiatrist.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

If you look at it from the outside, getting the medical centre up and running would be one of the highlights. But I in all seriousness I would say every day is a highlight in its own right. As a GP, when you see an anxious mother and you’re able to reassure her that it’s not chickenpox or when you have a diabetic patient who is excited and can’t wait to show you how much weight they have lost - that is a highlight. Or it could even be that extremely loyal patient who really shakes you to your core by demonstrating how much faith they have in you by talking to you before starting medication which has been recommended by the specialist or the hospital. I think it’s underappreciated but these mini-highlights aren’t something that many careers can claim. There’s not many careers where you can feel every day that you’ve made a positive contribution to someone’s life.


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I’m a big fan of the Marvel movies – Doctor Strange, Ironman, Captain America. The latest one, Infinity War, is my favourite at the moment. I like to spend time with my family and wife, even if it’s just watching Netflix. Occasionally I like to play soccer and I do the odd hike. From time to time I like to volunteer feeding the homeless and there is a local youth and charity group I volunteer for located in Sydney’s south-west.


What do you love most about the Macarthur region?

I grew up here, a lot of my friends still live here. I like that everybody is really friendly and easy to get along with. We have a very multicultural and diverse population in this area. It’s always interesting to see the different faces, hear the different accents, not to mention the different cuisine we have on offer. But what stands out in Campbelltown and the Macarthur area, compared to other parts of Sydney, is that people don’t wall themselves off – people interact. That rang very true even when I was back in high school at Macquarie Fields. My friends were from all different backgrounds but they all got along. It’s also very obvious that you have people from all walks of life living in this area, it’s not predominantly one population. You have young families, you have the elderly, you have people that are quite well off and on the flipside you have people who have significant socio-economic disadvantage, but everyone is really lovely and really nice.


Any interesting stories/final thoughts you would like to share with us?

It has been a very rewarding and exciting experience both working in this area as a doctor and setting up the practice. I’m excited to share that experience with future doctors joining the dynamic team at Myhealth Medical Macarthur Square and the patients we have yet to welcome through our doors.



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