Important information for health service providers working with Asylum Seekers:

31st July 2018

A new SRSS model commenced on the 1st May 2018, with most asylum seekers expected to support themselves through gaining paid employment, except in exceptional circumstances. Eligibility to SRSS is now much more limited, and those that are eligible may not receive each support previously available e.g. some people may receive casework support but not income support; others may receive torture and trauma counselling but not income support.

In June 2018 the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) advised that the Department of Home Affairs will begin exiting people from the SRSS program ( Key dates include: 27 June: first group of people exited from the program; 27 July: Income support for this first group will cease; 1 August: other SRSS support such as case management will cease.

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