My Health Record Expansion Program: opt-out period announced – 16 July to 15 October, 2018

6th June 2018

South Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD) as well as other NSW LHDs are increasingly sending clinical documents such as discharge summaries and attendance notices via their new HealtheNet solution. HealtheNet delivers hospital discharge summaries electronically to general practitioners via the GP Secure Messaging Brokers: Argus, HealthLink and Medical Objects.

Hospital discharge summaries are sent to one general practitioner, nominated by the patient when they present to hospital. This may not necessarily be the referring general practitioner. If your practice has not been receiving eDischarge Summaries you may wish to follow the steps provided below by eHealth NSW or contact the Digital Health team to assist in getting discharge summaries downloaded into your clinical software

Things to check if no discharge summaries are arriving

  1. Practices should check the latest version of the general practice clinical software is installed. E.g. Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie.
  2. Practices should check the expiry dates and keep up-to-date:
    1. Medicare Site/Location PKI Certificate.
    2. NASH PKI Organisation Certificate (expires every two years).
  3. Contact your Secure Messaging Broker for support to ensure your software is correctly configured and they have your correct details registered in their address book.
    1. This includes ensuring your HPIO is published; and
    2. Add HPIIs & Provider numbers for Doctors at the practice, and
    3. also your software is configured to receive SMD (a specific request for some vendors)
  4. Contact the LHD IT support team or your Primary Health Network to ensure the LHD has your correct identifiers for secure messaging.
  5. Additionally for South Western Sydney LHD (Install GPComms).

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