GP Profile - Dr Satish Goyal

6th June 2018


How long have you been practising in Campbelltown and as a whole? 

I came to Campbelltown in 1976, there were only 18 GPs at that time, and there was no Campbelltown Hospital, so for any major surgical work we used to go to Camden Hospital.

Campbelltown Hospital opened in 1978 and I used to work there as a GP surgeon. When I came to Campbelltown there were no surgeons, so the GPs used to do most of the surgical work.

I came to Australia in 1972, I graduated from Punjabi university in India in 1970. After finishing my internship and residency in India, I migrated to Australia in 1972. I worked at Manly hospital and this was my first job, then I did my surgical training in Prince Alfred Hospital and Prince Henry Hospital, then I became a GP and moved to Campbelltown.


When did you decide you wanted to become a GP? 

I was initially training to become a surgeon, but I didn’t finish it and decided to become a GP.


What are your passions within your role? Are you striving to achieve a certain goal within your practice and/or community? 

I used to do a lot of surgical work in Campbelltown until the year 2000, then more specialist surgeons came onboard and the surgical work I used to do at the hospital was cut down, so I gradually became deskilled in that domain.

Now I do a lot of aged care and that takes a lot of my time. I have more than 100 patients in nursing homes.

I was involved in the Division of General Practice since it was open, then with Medicare Local, I also started the GP after hours clinic in Macarthur in 2000 and I worked in this clinic until January 2018.

Working in low socioeconomic area for 40 years I have seen three generations of families. I can say I have achieved most of my goals, but my focus now is aged care, I visit nursing homes at least twice a week and that keeps me busy.


What has been the highlight of your career?

I am pretty much a self-made man, I migrated to Australia at the age of 24 and I didn’t know anyone here, so looking back, I really did everything on my own and built my way up.


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I used to play tennis every day, now I love walking and I take my dog for a walk every morning. In the evening I like to cook my own food, while on the weekend I visit my grandchildren and I spend more time with the family.   


What do you love most about the Campbelltown region?

Campbelltown was a very small town when I came here, after 40 years in Campbelltown it became my comfort zone, people here are very friendly, I like the open space and the trees, I wouldn’t replace with any place in Sydney.

I have known people here for over 40 years, we became friends. I have been going to the same barber for 40 years, I have been going to the same grocery shop for 40 years, I love this area and it is my absolute comfort zone, I don’t like big cities, I go to visit my children in Sydney, but I can’t wait to come back to Campbelltown.


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