Support people with their mental health recovery: share your clinical knowledge and experience

22nd April 2021

Opportunities are available for clinicians to support people on their journey to mental health recovery by sharing their knowledge and experience.

South Western Sydney Recovery College is inviting clinicians to participate in its Mental Health Recovery long courses as a guest speaker.

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What is South Western Sydney Recovery College?

The college brings together people with a lived experience, carers and service providers to learn from each other, share experiences, increase their understanding of mental health recovery and achieve individual aspirations through courses, workshops and training opportunities.

What are the benefits of clinician involvement?

  • Enhance the positive impact you can have for your professional practice by engaging with the lived experience expertise of the college’s Peer Trainers and students.
  • Your clinical expertise is shared in a relaxed and supported environment, reaching students who may be hesitant to individually engage with a clinician, building rapport and trust and removing barriers to clinical treatment.
  • Clinical and lived experience perspectives co-delivered provide students with a holistic approach to learning, informed choices and thus increased motivation towards their recovery.

What would it involve?

  • Select a topic of interest from THIS LIST
  • Review the topic workbook and provide feedback to the Peer Trainers.
  • Prepare a one-hour presentation that supports the topic workbook, adds clinical perspective and encourages activities and discussions.
  • Present two or three times – face-to-face or via zoom.
  • Remuneration of $400 for two and $500 for three presentations (for workbook review, feedback and three, one-hour face-to-face or Zoom presentations) to your private practice or organisation.

To express interest:

Send your CV and the topic of interest to Janeen Harris, Acting Manager of South Western Sydney Recovery College

Phone: 4621 8400

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