POLAR Resources


Benefits of POLAR GP

  • Simple interface and layout
  • Only a single installation is required at your practice. This will allow any PC on the same network to access the POLAR GP tool
  • Data is ‘live’ (extraction of data happens every five minutes, and reports are updated every 24 to 48 hours)
  • Remote access to the tool
  • Advanced data mapping
  • Advanced filtering options with the ability to add bookmarks
  • Regular PIP QI reports for each practice
  • New reports, including a COVID-19 report

POLAR GP training

Outcome Health record training and webinar videos, a great resource for illustrating the power of POLAR.

Introductory webinars for practices:

Practice Webinar 1

Practice Webinar 2

Practice Webinar 3

Update Clinic Information in POLAR

POLAR - Patients missing clinical information

POLAR GP - PIP QI Report Walkthrough

POLAR Quick Start User Guide

POLAR Training - Basic Navigation

POLAR Training - Patient Page

POLAR Training - Diagnosis Page


POLAR GP education sessions

SWSPHN Education Session 1

SWSPHN Education Session 2

SWSPHN Education Session 3


POLAR GP installation guide

Step 1: Create a Practice Profile

Step 2: Fill out the Installation Checklist

Step 3:  Send the completed checklist to Digital Health Team via email at DigitalHealth@swsphn.com.au


POLAR GP resources

Data security and privacy

POLAR GP practice FAQs

How to opt-out a patient

POLAR GP's involvement in research

POLAR GP patient brochure


POLAR GP how-to guides

POLAR Walkthrough - Practice Demographic

POLAR Walkthrough - Data Quality

POLAR Walkthrough - GPMP Eligibility

POLAR Walkthrough - Shared Health Summary

POLAR Walkthrough-Identify patient aged between 30-49 years old who have never had COVID-19 vaccine ever

POLAR Walkthrough-Identify patient aged 60 years old and above who is overdue for a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine

POLAR Walkthrough - How to upload JSON file

POLAR Walkthrough - Intermediate AUSDRISK score patient with high glucose has visited more than 10 times in the past 12 months

POLAR Walkthrough - Type 2 diabetes patient without HbA1c record in the last 12 months

POLAR Walkthrough - Private Bookmark


Walrus introduction

Walrus demonstration video

Walrus FAQ

Walrus User Guide


POLAR GP webinars – 2020-21

Below are webinars covering specific POLAR topics as well as user Q&As: 

POLAR Webinar: Novermber 2021- Year in Review

POLAR Webinar: October 2021 - Updates on Clinic summary and Hospitalisation risk report

POLAR Webinar: September 2021 - COVID vaccine planning report

POLAR Webinar: August 2021- Walrus installation and using Walrus

POLAR Webinar: July 2021- Tracked MBS release, Walrus released and PIP QI changes

POLAR Webinar: June 2021 - Tracked MBS rework and Walrus release

POLAR Webinar: May 2021 - Patients with a chronic disease haven't been seen recently, children missing vaccination records and vaccinations given elsewhere

POLAR Webinar: April 2021 - Getting started with POLAR, Health Assessment, COVID vaccination report, Walrus

POLAR Webinar: March 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccine Report 

POLAR Webinar: March 2021- december release, exclusion filters in clinic summary, Walrus release and COVID Immunisation Report

POLAR Webinar: November 2020 - 2020 year in review

POLAR Webinar: October 2020 - PIPQI support and Clinical Indicators and Clinic Summary Update

POLAR Webinar: September 2020 - Updates to quality and diagnosis pages, CVD risk report

POLAR Webinar: August 2020 - Enhancements to Clinic Summary and Clinical Indicators

POLAR Webinar: July 2020 - Polarexplorer demonstration and Q&A

POLAR Webinar: June 2020 - Immunisation Page - free seasonal flu vax

POLAR Webinar: May 2020 - Clinic Summary update

POLAR Webinar: Apr 2020 - COVID 19 Report

POLAR Webinar: March 2020 - Polarexplorer basics


Training webinars can also be accessed within the POLAR GP education platform. More educational resources can be accessed at the POLAR education portal (please use your POLAR credentials to login)


POLAR GP webinars – pre-2020

POLAR Webinar: November 2019 - How to build your own POLAR queries

POLAR Webinar: October 2019 - Tips and tricks

POLAR Webinar: September 2019 - PIP QI walkthrough 

POLAR Webinar: August 2019 - Getting Started with POLAR

POLAR Webinar: July 2019 - Quality Improvement

POLAR Webinar: June 2019 - PIP QI reports and activities

POLAR Webinar: May 2019 - Clinic Summary Release

POLAR Webinar: October 2018 - Care Plan, My Health Record

POLAR Webinar: September 2018 - MBS filters, Shared Health Summaries

POLAR Webinar: July 2018 - Common filters, screen layout

POLAR Webinar: April 2018 - Functionality

POLAR Webinar: March 2018 - POLAR GP Walkthrough


Need help?

For POLAR report / data queries, contact the Health Systems Improvement Team via email at HSIsupport@swsphn.com.au

For POLAR installation / IT issues, contact the Digital Health Team via email at DigitalHealth@swsphn.com.au