Aboriginal Health Resources

For referral to the Aboriginal Chronic Care Program (Integrated Team Care -ITC) please use the following referral form; complete relevant information and forward to Triple I Hub along with your patient's current GPMP: Triple I Hub Referral Form

Aboriginal Health Flow Chart process for those at risk of developing a chronic condition and for those diagnosed with a chronic condition: 715/228 Flow Chart

Steps to MBS claiming pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, includes a step by step flowchart, item number, fee claimable and frequency: Steps to claiming MBS Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal health capacity building in general practice resource booklet; provides a comprehensive explanation of available assistance to support improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Initiatives: Primary Health Services Toolkit

"Dying to Talk" Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Discussion Starter about Planning for End of Life

A supportive resource for palliative care decision making: A Journey Into Sorry Business