Why it’s important to have a regular GP

why you need a regular gpGP's are trained to give you the best care for your unique health concerns and are often your first stop when you need healthcare. Your regular GP, the GP you see most often throughout your life, will work with you to take charge of your mental and physical health. There are lots of reasons you might want to have a regular GP for yourself and your family. 

Stay Up-To-Date With Health Advice 

Your regular GP will ensure you stay up to date with current health advice. This includes providing information about the COVID-19 booster and getting your influenza vaccine, or flu shot, as we move into the colder months.  

Build A Long-Term Relationship With Someone You Trust 

Visiting the same GP regularly ensures  they know you and your medical history. Building a strong relationship with your GP over time ensures your GP is someone you trust and someone who knows you well. Having a long-term relationship with a regular GP is a lifelong investment in you and your family’s health. 

Manage Your Health Needs Better 

Your regular GP can help you to monitor and manage your health. They can also  refer you for specialist care if needed for treatment of specific, complex or acute illnesses.

Get Preventative Health Care and Advice 

Your regular GP can work with you to reduce lifestyle risk factors to prevent long term health issues. Preventative health care includes blood pressure checks, advice for healthy weight management or weight loss, and other in clinic tests.  

Health Screening and Immunisation 

Your regular GP will help to make sure you do not miss important health checks and immunisations throughout your lifetime.  

Don't Have A Regular GP? 

Use the service finder on healthdirect.gov.au to find a GP or general practice clinic that best suits your needs.