COVID-19 Information for Residential Aged Care Facilities

11 November 2021

It's time to plan for staff and resident COVID-19 vaccine boosters 

Download this COVID-19 vaccine poster for your RACFBoosters are now available for people who have completed their primary course of a COVID-19 vaccination more than six months ago, including residents and workers in residential aged care.

An in-reach program is available through services contracted by PHNs and LHDs to deliver COVID-19 booster vaccine doses to residents in aged care facilities.  

When on site, vaccine providers will be able to administer Pfizer vaccines for any resident or worker that needs one.

RACFs are responsible for hosting in-reach vaccine clinics, and supporting residents and workers access a COVID-19 vaccine safely and effectively.

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Preparation of residents for the clinic including assessing their clinical suitability for a vaccine on the day and post clinic monitoring and reporting any adverse events (refer COVID-19 vaccination – Clinical governance requirements)
  • Liaising with primary care providers and PHNs to secure local access to deliver in-reach vaccine services where needed.
  • Reporting resident booster vaccinations through My Aged Care.

PHNs are a key delivery partner of the Commenwealth and have an integral role in engaging with RACFs, vaccine providers and the Department to assist the efficient and effective delivery of the booster vaccine program. 

If you have any questions about delivering a booster program for your RACF, please email or call 4632 3000.

New My Aged Care reporting requirements on booster and third-dose vaccinations

All residential aged care providers are reminded that it is a mandatory requirement to keep records and report de-identified data weekly via the My Aged Care provider portal on the:

  • total number of residents and workers at each aged care service and, of those, 
  • number of residents and workers at each service who have received a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine
  • number of residents and workers at each service who have received all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, and
  • the number of workers who have authorised exemptions from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 
From 16 November 2021, all providers are encouraged to also report on:
  • total number of residents at each service who have received a third dose, and 
  • total number of residents and workers who have received a booster dose. 

The above additional reporting requirements will become a mandatory requirement for all residential aged care providers, expected to be effective from 23 November 2021. 

There will be other minor changes to the wording for the current data points to take account of the above additional reporting. For example the data point “all required doses” will become “second doses”. More detailed guidance will be issued shortly. 

All provides are encouraged to start reporting voluntarily from 16 November 2021 to become familiar prior to it becoming mandatory.

See the Quick Reference Guide on how to view and update your COVID-19 vaccination data.

What to do when your COVID-19 vaccine shipment arrive

All Residential Aged Care Facilities will now receive a vaccine shipment in the days leading up to their scheduled clinic. When you receive the shipment, it is IMPORTANT you follow the instructions from the below fact sheet.

FACT SHEET: What to do when your COVID-19 vaccine shipment arrives

Department of Health information for RACF staff and employers

Find out what your responsibilities are regarding COVID-19 vaccination, and what financial support is available to casual RACF staff.

Information for aged care workers | Department of Health website

Protect Yourself COVID-19 vaccine poster for RACFs (PDF)

My Aged Care portal

Providers of residential aged care facilities must report the following each Tuesday through the My Aged Care provider online reporting tool:

  • total number of residents and workers at each aged care service and, of those
  • the number of residents and workers at each service who have received a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine
  • the number of residents and workers at each service who have received all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine

My Aged Care provider reporting tool

Advice for workers in NSW

Find out what your vaccination responsibilities are as a worker in NSW.

COVID-19 vaccination for all workers in NSW | NSW Government

COVID-19 guide for aged care services

A guide for providers of residential aged care services. Find the latest information and resources for aged care services including residential aged care facilities, Commonwealth Home Support Programme, assessment services, home care package providers, multi-purpose services, respite care and transition care.

Visit NSW Health website

COVID-19 aged care grief and trauma support services

The Australian Government has funded expert organisations to provide free grief, trauma, dementia and advocacy support for those living, working and caring for people in the aged care sector. In-person, phone and online help is available for aged care residents and recipients, their families, family of choice, friends, loved ones, community visitors and representatives, and aged care workers.

Grief and Trauma Support services in your preferred language | Department of Health website

Consent for RACFs

Download these Department of Health COVID-19 fact sheets for residential aged care providers and workers: