Youth Enhanced Support Service (YESS)

Information for health professionals working in South Western Sydney


YESS-SWS provides care to young people (aged 12 to 25) with, or at risk of, severe and enduring or complex mental health needs, and associated functional impairment. The service aligns with the evidence-based Youth Mental Health Principles recommended by Orygen.

YESS-SWS is commissioned by South Western Sydney PHN and delivered by Uniting.




YESS-SWS is a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, therapeutic intervention, and case management. The team includes a psychiatrist, a peer worker, and mental health clinicians.

YESS-SWS provides individual sessions, family work and group programs, and can also connect young people and their families to other support services to deliver wrap around care. The program is designed to provide flexible, medium-term care (typically up to 12 months), at no cost to the young person. The caseloads are capped for each clinician, which means that there is a limit to the number of young people each clinician is assigned to, to ensure that young people and families accessing the service are provided with comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

The YESS-SWS program focuses on young people who would benefit from a multidisciplinary approach with the goal of preventing young people from having to access tertiary level care. This includes consumers whose needs are greater than what headspace and ReFrame can provide but do not meet criteria for tertiary services. YESS facilitates the care of young people through their journey “stepping up and down” on the stepped care continuum. 


Why has SWSPHN commissioned YESS-SWS?

A severe mental illness can be complex and enduring in its presentation, significantly impacting the young person’s day-to-day functioning. YESS-SWS aims to ensure young people with, or at risk of developing a serious mental illness, have access to quality service and interventions to support them in their recovery and reduce long-term mental ill-health, through an early intervention approach.

The service engages with the ‘missing middle’, those who require a more intensive service than SWSPHN youth mental health primary care services are funded to provide, but who also do not meet the state funded tertiary mental health service criteria. Therefore, YESS-SWS will work closely with headspace centres in Liverpool, Bankstown and Campbelltown, ReFrame in Wollondilly and Wingecarribee and SWSLHD mental health services. 


What services are provided?

The program supports young people across their mental health and psychosocial needs through psychological therapies, service navigation and peer support, delivered in an evidence based, best practice approach.



YESS-SWS is a free service for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 12 to 25 years.
  • Resides, studies, or works in the South Western Sydney PHN region
  • Experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, severe and enduring or complex mental health needs and functional impairment
  • Consenting and able to engage in the YESS program
  • Is medically stable and has a sufficient BMI for psychological work
  • Associated complexity of presentation that cannot be managed in a typical primary care setting. e.g. GP, private psychologist, school/university counsellor, headspace Centre, ReFrame
  • Those who are relatively new to mental health services, and have not already had significant treatment at a greater intensity than YESS, will be prioritised


  • Primary presenting issue that would benefit from a specialist service: neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, ASD and intellectual disability; disruptive, impulse control and conduct disorders; as well as, eating disorders, psychotic disorders and primary diagnosis of substance use disorder which would require specialist care
  • At acute risk of harm to themselves or others
  • In need of services that would be more appropriately delivered within an acute or hospital setting or by NSW Health community mental health services e.g. perinatal, forensic
  • Eligible for receiving clinical treatment under NDIS, which may lead to duplication of services
  • Primary reason for referral is for provision of legal reports
  • Primary reason for referral is for psychiatry services only


How do patients access YESS-SWS?

YESS-SWS can accept referrals from young people (self-referral), their family or friend (with the young person’s agreement), GPs, school counsellors and service providers. All referrals are discussed at an intake meeting. If a referral is not suitable for YESS-SWS, the service can assist in finding the right service.

To access the program, download and complete the referral form and email to The referring agent will be contacted within 3 days from when the referral is received to discuss the next steps.

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