Vaccination has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective and cost-effective public health interventions.

Vaccination not only protects individuals, but also protects others in the community by increasing the overall level of immunity in the population and thus minimising the spread of infection. This concept is known as ‘herd immunity’. It is vital that healthcare professionals take every opportunity to vaccinate children and adults.

South western Sydney PHN aims to assist general practice and other stakeholders to access a quality and timely vaccination service within the local South Western Sydney community.

SWSPHN support includes:

  • Australian Immunisation Register Assistance
  • Staff training and resources
  • Distribution of resources to providers and community
  • Cold Chain management and training
  •  Vaccine fridge data logging service
  • Support practices during epidemics
  • Update of vaccination schedule for all Australians – NSW Immunisation Pathway – a quick guide produced by the SWSPHN in collaboration with the SWSLHD

To access support, contact South Western Sydney PHN on 1300 179 765 or via our contact page.


Immunisation Provider Resources:

Immunisation Provider Kit - This kit provides essential information to assist immunisation providers to continue to provide safe and effective immunisation services to their patients

Save the date website - This website offers parents access to comprehensive information on immunisation as well as the following, easy to use free tools designed to help you save the date to vaccinate

Table of Vaccinations for adults - This table includes vaccines that are funded for adults under the National Immunisation Program as well as other recommendations for adults from the 2015 update of the 10th edition of The Australian Immunisation Handbook. Further adult vaccination NCIRS Adult Immunisation Fact sheet

Table of Vaccinations for children/adolescents - This table includes childhood vaccinations funded under the National Immunisation Program as well as other recommendations for children from the 2015 update of the 10th edition of The Australian Immunisation Handbook


NCIRS Fact Sheets (Vaccine Preventable Diseases):

Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and FAQs

Influenza vaccine and FAQs

Meningococcal vaccine and FAQs

Pertussis vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine and FAQs

Poliomyelitis vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine

Varicella-zoster (chickenpox) vaccine

Zoster vaccine and FAQs


Vaccine safety:

Diabetes & Vaccines

Homeopathy and vaccination

MMR vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease and autism

Resources for addressing patient/parental concerns about immunisation


Vaccine, allergy and asthma

Vaccine components

Vaccination during pregnancy

Quick links:

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