HealthPathways is an online clinical and referral information portal used by clinicians at the point of care. HealthPathways provides GPs access to management and treatment options on a range of clinical presentations and information about local clinical services and their referral processes.

The site uses a scalable format allowing users to customise the level of detail displayed, providing a quick access during consultations or more detailed information to be viewed at a later time.

Links to reputable patient information (including translated patient information where available) and clinical resources are also provided in most clinical pathways.

HealthPathways South Western Sydney & COVID-19

HealthPathways South Western Sydney also provides the latest, up-to-date clinical guidance for assessing and managing COVID-19.

Get involved

Health professionals who want to be involved in HealthPathways can do so in a variety of ways:

  • Attend workgroups to be part of the conversation of how to improve care coordination and the patient experience of medical care in South Western Sydney
  • Be a pathway consultant for newly localised pathways to ensure they provide high quality, locally relevant information
  • Suggest pathway areas to be developed in the future

The HealthPathways Project Site provides further information regarding HealthPathways, upcoming CPD and Workgroup events, summaries of previous workgroups, and ways to be involved in the HealthPathways program.

If you want to find out more, talk to your Practice Support Officer to request a practice visit from the team or email

HealthPathways monthly newsletters

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HRD Logo

The Health Resource Directory (HRD) for patients complements and continues to expand alongside HealthPathways.

HRD is a collection of easy-to-read health factsheets which have been formulated under strict clinical guidelines. Each factsheet includes information about local support and health services to further empower the local community.  A local GP and the SWSPHN Community Advisory Committee has reviewed and endorsed each factsheet. The site currently features 183 health conditions, 29 health procedures, 21 resources people can use to manage their health, and 27 pages of information about improving your overall health. 

HRD has a page to support people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are self-managing during their isolation. 


HealthPathways South Western Sydney is a joint project between the South Western Sydney Local Health District and the South Western Sydney PHN. The site is free to use for health professionals practising in South Western Sydney.