Why it’s important to have a regular GP

shutterstock_317585816By making the GP part of your family they can get to know you, and your regular GP will be best positioned to help with any physical and mental symptoms that arise throughout your life.

Immunisation or health screening. Having a regular GP will help to ensure you do not miss important health checks and potentially missing early diagnoses.

Physical or mental health concerns can be talked about with your GP. Your GP can help you keep your health on track by dealing with issues or concerns early.

Managing a chronic illness If you develop diabetes or heart disease, it's important to keep up with regular appointments, prescriptions and check in with your GP.

Your GP will keep a history of consultations and medications Visiting a GP who keeps a detailed history of all of your prior medications, known allergies and past medications can greatly improve future diagnoses and care.

Don't have a regular GP?

Use the Service Finder at healthdirect to locate a General Practice Clinic that best suits your needs.