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Using technology to better care for patients

Digital Health or eHealth as it has been called is defined by the World Health Organisation as "the combined use of electronic communication and information technology in the health sector". 

It refers to the health care components delivered, enabled or supported through the use of information and communications technology.

It may involve clinical communications between healthcare providers such as online referrals, electronic prescribing and sharing of electronic health records. It can also provide access to information databases, knowledge resources and decision support tools to guide service delivery.

The Australian Government defines eHealth as "the electronic management of health information to deliver safer, more efficient, better quality healthcare" and is committed to eHealth and facilitating the transition of paper-based clinical record keeping to electronic means for better information exchange.

The team at South Western Sydney PHN can help your practice in its journey to be eHealth-ready. Talk to your Practice Support Officer (PSO) or call the digital health team or email on

This YouTube clip illustrates digital health in action:

Some of the key digital health technologies being used in the region include:


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