COVID-19 Vaccination Information for General Practices

Information for health professionals working in South Western Sydney.

Updated: 2 August 2021

DoH links for general practice

DoH Primary Care Vaccine Roll-out Bulletins

COVID-19 vaccine rollout FAQs

South Western Sydney GPRC and testing

COVID-19 EOI and PPE forms

Responding to vaccine adverse reactions

Vaccine FAQs for general practice

Assisting patients with COVID-19 enquiries

DoH Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vaccine communications pack

NSW Health update – access to Pfizer vaccine for eligible patients aged > 60 years dated 31 July 2021
  • NSW Health has updated the referral process and form for patients aged > 60 years who meet ATAGI criteria for Pfizer vaccination.
  • Patients can use the referral form to access Pfizer vaccination at a NSW Health vaccination clinic or Commonwealth vaccination clinic.

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