Control my blood sugar

Its important to keep an eye on your blood sugar (glucose). High levels of blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and cause long term health complications. Blood sugar control can be acheived by mantaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy, keeping active and taking any medicines recommended by your doctor. 

A blood glucose meter, or glucometer, can help to monitor your blood sugar. Your GP can help you choose a meter that suits you. Your diabetes educator or pharmacist can show you how to use your meter.

To test your blood glucose levels, you prick your finger with a  special tool called a lancet and add a small drop of blood onto a testing strip. The meter reads the strip and displays a number – your blood glucose level.

The pattern of testing varies from person to person. You should ask your doctor when to test. Some possible times to test are:

  • Before breakfast (fasting)
  • Before lunch/dinner
  • Two hours after a meal
  • Before bed
  • Before vigorous exercise
  • When you are feeling unwell

You should ask your doctor what your target blood sugar reading is.

What causes my blood sugar levels to go up and down?

There are a number of common causes for glucose levels to increase or decrease. These include:

  • food – time eaten, type and amount of carbohydrate (for example. bread, pasta, cereals, starchy vegetables, fruit and milk)
  • exercise or physical activity
  • illness and pain
  • diabetes medication
  • alcohol
  • emotional stress
  • other medications
  • testing techniques

Where to get help

Phone Diabetes Australia 1300 136 588

Join the NDSS scheme. The scheme is a valuable source of information and support, and can help with free or cheaper glucose testing strips and other essential items  -

For more information on the NDSS:

To register for the NDSS you will need to complete this form and have it signed by your doctor or diabetes educator

A credentialled diabetes educator can help you manage your diabetes. You can find one close to you by using the orange search tool to the right of the page. 

  • Some local hospital services offer diabetes clinics. To access these services, you must live in the same Council area of the hospital. You will need a referral from your doctor
    • Bankstown- Lidcombe Hospital Diabetes Centre

Phone (02) 9722 8360 or (02) 9722 8354 

  • Fairfield Hospital Diabetes Centre 

Phone : (02) 9616 8510  

  • Liverpool Hospital Diabetes Centre

Phone: (02) 8738 7175 

  • Macarthur Diabetes Service

Phone: (02) 4634 4028 

  • Bowral Diabetes Service

Phone: (02) 4861 0181