Clinical Suicide Prevention Service

Priority access to services for people who have attempted suicide or have suicideal indeation of low to medium risk

NOTE: This service is not designed for people at high or immediate risk of suicide. These people should go to their nearest emergency department.

Eligibility: Continued suicidal ideation (low to medium risk only) after discharge from acute services; presenting at a GP clinic after a suicide attempt or presenting to a GP with suicidal ideation

Services available: Psychological therapies delivered by mental health professionals (maximum 10 hours over two months)

Referral pathways: GP and Local Health District acute mental health services via central intake.

Referral forms for this service can be found under Health Professionals > Practice Support > Forms and Templates

GPs can access the services through the Mental Health Central Intake number, and fax.

Mental Health Central Intake

Enquiries 1300 797 746 (1300 SWS PHN)

All referrals fax to 4623 1796


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Clinical Suicide Prevention Service