Continuing To Be Me Program (C2BMe)

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The Continuing To Be Me Program (C2BMe) is a new psychological treatment service for people living in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) in South Western Sydney. C2BMe also provides capacity building activities for the staff who care for them.  

C2BeMe is commissioned by South Western Sydney PHN and delivered by Parramatta Mission.

About the C2BMe service


  • to provide a comprehensive person-centred model of care.
  • designed to reinforce identity and purpose.
  • increases connectedness and hope.
  • aims to improve resident mental health wellbeing.
  • increases the day to day functioning of residents in aged care facilities.


Why has SWSPHN commissioned the C2BMe program?

It is estimated that up to 52 per cent of older adults in RACFs experience symptoms of depression, and fewer than one per cent receive psychological support. The program is intended to enable residents of these facilities with mental illness to access mental health services similar to those available in the community which, in the past, have not been routinely available to older people living in RACFs.

What supports are provided?

  • evidence-based, short-term therapies delivered by mental health professionals, through therapeutic groups or individual clinical care
  • capacity building for RACF staff
  • an integrated team approach of care involving GPs, RACF staff, carers and families.

How is the program being delivered?

Given the recent challenges around COVID-19, Parramatta Mission has adapted its ways of working to ensure risks to residents, aged care facility staff and C2bMe staff are mitigated while ensuring that C2bMe is still able to provide a quality service. It is providing training and services in various ways, including via telehealth.



C2bMe is a free service for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Residents of a partnered Aged Care Facility, within the geographical region of South Western Sydney.
  • Older persons over the age of 65 years, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50, who experience mild to moderate symptoms of common mental health issues.
  • Residents who have consented and are able to participate in the program.


Is there support for people who don’t speak English as a first language?
A free Telephone Interpreter Service is available to support residents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (CALD) to access mental health treatment services in their preferred language.

Is the program suitable for people with disabilities/dementia?
Individuals with co-morbid mental health issues alongside dementia or with a disability will be eligible.

What are the referral pathways?
The intake processes will be tailored to meet the unique needs of each RACF. A GP referral is not necessary and self-referrals and/or relative/carer referrals will be accepted and assessed.

Where is the program available?
The program is being rolled out across the South Western Sydney region.

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How to get involved

To express your interest in having your Residential Aged Care Facility partner with C2bMe:

Webpage link PHN blue icon large-100 Parramatta Mission's - C2BMe webpage
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