Commissioned AOD Services


Commissioned services

On Friday 9 June 2017 SWSPHN officially launched the newly commissioned services that will work with clients, their families and with GPs to provide withdrawal management, rehabilitation, aftercare and psychosocial counselling. These services include:

  • Headfyrst: The Salvation Army is working with headspace centres in South Western Sydney to provide their counselling and support services to young people aged 12-25 years who have co-morbid mental health and AOD health needs. Outreach services will be co-located at the headspace sites in Liverpool (Ph: 8785 3200), Campbelltown (Ph:4627 9089) and Bankstown (Ph: 9393 9669). For more information email visit their website or see the attached Headfyrst Brochure


  • Odyssey House: Providing psychosocial counselling, care coordination, after care and case management services for adult clients with co-occurring AOD and mental services are available in Campbelltown with outreach in Tahmoor, Bowral and Bankstown.  Odyssey house has commenced an innovative model of care to work with general practices providing skilled staff to support clients to continue withdrawal management with their own GP.
  • St Vincent de Paul: Expansion of their six-week non-residential rehabilitation day program in Campbelltown to support servicesincluding before and after care, psychosocial counselling, case management, psychosocial education groups and support groups for adults with AOD dependencyServices will be available in Liverpool, Fairfield and Warwick Farm, as well as working with the local Aboriginal communities in SWS to deliver culturally appropriate AOD services. More details can be found on the website or see the attached Rendu House brochure.


  • Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation: A flexible treatment model will be available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people with AOD issues. Services will be delivered within a social and emotional wellbeing framework in a culturally safe environment. A range of treatment options will be available including assessment, individualised treatment plans, brief intervention, withdrawal management, therapeutic services and after care services.  For more information on services available at Tharawal see their website or phone: (02) 4628 4837.
    Click here for more information on the Tharawal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team.
    Click here for the referral form for the Tharawal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team.

    See Forms and Templates for referral templates suitable for practice software.


Existing Local Services

  • DAMEC - Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre works to reduce the harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs within culturally and linguistically diverse communities. DAMEC provides culturally appropriate support for individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol related issues through counselling, group programs, and education. In South Western Sydney, DAMEC is based in Liverpool, and provides outreach to the surrounding suburbs. For more information see their website. Patients can be referred for counselling by health professionals or self-refer via the website referral form.
  • Rendu House - Provides non residential community based drug and alcohol rehabiliation progarm for people in South Western Sydney. The 12 week non residential day program inlcudes individual assessment and treatement planning that helps to connect the individual to necessary services, over the course of the program individual and groups sessions provide ongoing support. The services is for people 18 years and over with probledrug and alcohol use or dependency. To refer call (02) 4621 5500. Self referrals welcome.  
  • Fyrst - Follow on Youth Recovery Support Team, run by the Salvation Army, offers support to young people 12-25 years who would like to address their alcohol and drug issues. This moble suport team can visit a clients home or another suitable location. For more information see their website.