5As Results

Did you know?

RACGP recommends that of all active patient health records 90 per cent of patients known allergies and 75 per cent of health summary information should be recorded and current.

  • Adverse drug reactions (Allergies)
  • Current medicines list
  • Current health problems
  • Relevant past health history
  • Health risk factors (eg. smoking, nutrition,alcohol and physical activity)
  • Immunisations
  • Relevant family history
  • Relevant social history including cultural background where clinically relevant

1 Standards for general practices (4th edition), RACGP , section 1.7.2

2015-16 Clinical Audit Results

Over nine months, the average recording rate across 20 South Western Sydney General Practices had improved significantly following education and intervention of the 5As model of preventative health. These improvements include an increase of;

  • 13.5 per cent Alcohol status recorded 
  • 10.4 per cent Smoking status recorded 
  • 4.5 per cent BMI recorded 
  • 3.8 per cent Waist circumference recorded
  • 8.0 per cent Allergies recorded 

This year more health summary information has been included to assist with practice accreditation needs and improvement in preventative health indicators.

For more information please contact Barsoum Girgis (Health Programs Officer) on 4632 3000 or speak to your SWSPHN  Practice Support Officer.