Suicide Prevention Service

The South Western Sydney PHN Suicide Prevention Service provides priority access to services for people who have self harmed, attempted suicide or have suicidal ideation and are being managed in the primary care setting.  


The service is not designed for people at acute or immediate risk of suicide of self harm. These people should be referred to the nearest emergency department. 

Patient eligibility Exclusion criteria
1. People who have been discharged into the care of a GP from an emergency department or CoHMET after a suicide attempt. 1. Patients at high or immediate risk.
2. People who have presented to a GP after an incident of self harm. 2. Existing patients of SWSLHD Mental Health Service.
3. People who have expressed strong suicidal ideation to their GP. 3. Patients who have persistent or recurring thoughts of self harm as part of a mental health disorder.

How do I refer?    



What will my patient receive?


  • Patients referred are contacted within 24 hours of receipt of referral and seen face to face within 72 hours;
  • The service provides intensive therapy for a maximum of two months with an ATAPS provider who has completed additional suicide prevention training;
  • Patients have access to the ATAPS Support Line a phone based service operating 24 hours per day everyday.


What happens after two months?


  • If ongoing care is required after two months a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan can be prepared and the patient referred to appropriate services such as usual ATAPS services for holders of pension or health care cards or Better Access through Medicare. Suicide Prevention Services do not effect annual entitlements under ATAPS or Better Access.


For further information see our Suicide Prevention GP Information Sheet