Plans and Reports


Please find below links to our plans and reports.

SWSPHN Strategic Plan


Needs Assessment:

SWSPHN Needs Assessment November 2016

SWSPHN Needs Assessment Update for Stakeholders 

SWSPHN Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment


Annual reports:

SWSPHN Annual Report 2017/18

SWSPHN Annual Report 2016/17

SWSPHN One Year On

SWSPHN Financial Report 2015/16


Activity Workplans:

Updated Activity Workplan 2016-19 Core Flexible Funding

Updated Activity Workplan 2016-2019 Primary Mental Health Care Funding

Updated Activity Workplan 2016-2019 Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Integrated Team Care Activity Workplan 2018-19

ITC Annual Activity Plan 2018-19

Activity Workplan 2018-2020 Greater Choices for At Home Palliative Care measure


Integrated Health:

A Blueprint for Integrated Healthcare - Models in South Western Sydney