Partners in Recovery

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What is Partners in Recovery? 
Partners in Recovery South Western Sydney (PIR SWS) is an Australian Government Initiative that supports people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs. It fosters collaboration, coordination and integration of services and supports across multiple sectors and operates within two streams: consumer service delivery and system reform.

Consumer Service Delivery
Support Facilitators work with consumers to deliver an integrated and coordinated response to help people with a mental illness reach their recovery goals by:

  • Working individually with a consumer, and their carers and families, to collaboratively plan their recovery journey;
  • Identifying a team of services and support networks that will improve care and recovery; and
  • Coordinating services and supports to ensure consumers can access localised support.

Support Facilitation teams are based in each area across South Western Sydney to ensure consumers can access localised support.

System Collaboration

System Collaboration focuses on designing and coordinating a collaborative structure of support, capacity building and networking approaches to working with services across South Western Sydney who have the mutual aim of reducing barriers and enhancing support for people with complex mental illness and through this increasing opportunity for ongoing support within the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The development and coordination of a regional collaborative structure engages all sectors in health, human services and the wider community, providing clear opportunities for contributions and partnerships, with the current main example of this being the South Western Sydney No Wrong Door initiative .

Eligibility criteria
PIR SWS focuses on people who live with a severe and persistent mental illness, and have complex support needs that require a response from multiple agencies. Individuals may require support or assistance in areas such as physical health, employment, accommodation, social support, drug or alcohol problems, or assistance with activities of daily living. These individuals are often reported to fall through the system gaps, and require more intensive support to effectively address the complexity of their needs on their recovery journey.

Individuals who may be eligible to access PIR:

  • Have complex needs that require substantial services and support from multiple agencies;
  • Live with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness that is severe in degree and persistent in duration, and are willing to be referred for ongoing clinical treatment;
  • Require substantial support and assistance to engage with the various services to meet their needs in their recovery journey;
  • Have no existing coordination arrangements in place to assist them to access the necessary services or support; or where they are in place have not met the breadth of the person’s needs; and
  • Consent to being involved, and indicate a willingness to participate in PIR.

Referral line
PIR SWS operates in Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden, Fairfield, Wollondilly, and Wingecarribee. Anyone can refer to PIR SWS including self referral, carers, family members, community and government agencies, and health professionals. To make a referral, contact 1300 PIR SWS (1300 747 797) or fill in this referal form.

PIR South Western Sydney (PIR SWS)
PIR SWS is led by One Door Mental Health in partnership with the South Western Sydney PHN and involves a network of 23 partners that have committed to working together with other agencies and professional networks to ensure that clients are able to access the supports that they need. Members include AfterCare, Anglicare, BCD Community Care, Care Connect, Catholic Care, Community Links, Department of Family and Community Services, Gandangara Health Service, Lifeline Macarthur, Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, Macarthur Disability Services, Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative, MAX Employment, Mission Australia, Neami, New Horizons, Odyssey House, Flourish Australia, South Western Sydney Local Health District, Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation, The Benevolent Society, The Disability Trust and Wise Employment.

The geographic area covered by PIR SWS covers seven local government areas including Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee. PIR SWS will access approximately 1,000 people with severe and persistent mental illness across this region through a network of Support Facilitators who will coordinate services in accordance with clients’ Recovery Action Plans.

No Wrong Door
Partners in Recovery SWS is committed to improving access to services for people with a severe and persistent mental illness, ensuring they have easy access to mental health services in South Western Sydney. Consumers and their families experience many barriers in trying to find support. We would like to imagine a community where services can work together where someone with a mental illness and their carer could access any service, through any door, and find the support they need when they need it. Imagine a community where for someone needing help, there is no wrong door.

Partners in Recovery released a Web App where consumers, carers, friends, and family members are able to easily access a directory of services and information about emergency or crisis situations, common mental illnesses, and mental health practitioners. You can access the WebApp at

Mental Health Charter
The Mental Health Charter aims to assist agencies in SWS to engage in a collaborative process to develop common recovery oriented protocols that strengthen the system response for people with severe and persistent mental illness and create a sustainable structure that lives beyond the PIR funding period.

A Mental Health Charter SWS provides an opportunity for a coordinated effort to harness these energies into a collaborative effort towards a common recovery culture and recovery practices. The Mental Health Charter SWS is a local collective commitment to an overarching ‘No Wrong Door’ approach and recovery oriented practice. It is supported by commonly agreed upon actions toward organisational change which embeds quality service practices into organisations and fosters a recovery oriented environment in which both workers and consumers can flourish and find common ground.

A number of organisations have made a commitment to:

  • Acknowledge that people with mental illness are entitled to human rights that inform all service delivery;
  • Acknowledge the barriers to social and service inclusion for people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs and that they will require extra resources and skills to ensure they do not fall through the gaps;
  • Use Recovery Oriented Practices; and
  • Actively participate in creating an integrated and coordinated service system for people’s mental health and recovery.

The Mental Health Charter SWS has principles that can pertain to organisations from various sectors in the community, supporting the idea that everyone can provide support to people with mental illness, even if this is not their core business. The Charter Principles can garner cross sector commitment to common recovery principles and sector integration. The Charter provides the opportunity to help drive a change in mindset particularly around what recovery means for people with severe and persistent mental illness.

By signing the Charter, organisations are making a commitment to recognise and strive towards the Charter Principles, and agree to create a Commitment to Recovery Action Plan that will outline clear, practical steps to ensure the Charter Principles are embedded into their daily work with people with severe and persistence mental illness.

Further information
If you would like further information or to get involved please contact PIR SWS on 1300 179 765 or visit

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