SWSPHN Mental Health Reform

On 26 November, 2015, the Australian Government released its Response to the Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services. PHNs will play a key role in the reform process particularly through the planning and commissioning of primary mental health services at a regional level, supported by a flexible funding pool for mental health and suicide prevention services.

Within mental health we have six priority areas that we have been asked to focus on. These focus areas are:

1. Low intensity services for early intervention

2. Child and youth mental health services

3. Psychological therapies for underserviced groups

4. Primary mental health care services for people with severe mental illness

5. Regional suicide prevention

6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health services.

The SWSPHN Mental Health Team:

Chris Jones- Mental Health Manager

Anne Harley- Mental Health Program Coordinator: Stepped Care and Underserviced Groups

Anne Rogers- Mental Health Program Officer – Low Intensity and Child and Youth Services

Julie Blake - System Collaboration Coordinator

Rachel Smith- Mental Health Program Officer: Severe MI and Suicide Prevention

David Donatini - Mental Health Intake and Support Officer 


SWSPHN Mental Health Activity Work plan 2016-2017


PHN Primary Mental Health Care Flexible Funding Pool Implementation Guidance

Guidance material has been developed to support PHNs in implementing the primary mental health care reform activities and managing the associated flexible funding. The guidance material provides clarity on core issues sets out expectations of PHNs and provides best practice examples, where appropriate. For more information on these guidelines http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/content/phn-mental_tools

In order to gather a wide range of perspectives from Primary Mental Health service providers, stakeholders and consumers and carers, the SWSPHN mental health team have utilised a co design approach to harness insights, suggestions and ideas in a way that reflects the unique needs of the region and develop our commissioning approach. These co design sessions have helped to inform our approaches for –

•  Suicide Prevention

•  Mental Health Nursing Program

•  You in Mind - psychological therapies for underserviced groups (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people/culturally and linguistically diverse communities/rural communities/people living in Airds, Claymore and the 2168 postcode)

•  STAR4Kids (Supporting Them to Achieve Resilience) Program – psychological services for children 3-12

•  New Access – coaching services for those having difficulties tackling day to day pressures.


Tenders for the above services are now closed.  The successful tenderers will be announced once they are finalised.


For further details please contact Anne Harley – anne.harley@swsphn.com.au