Information for potential facilitators


Become a HEAL™ facilitator

The HEAL™ project team would like to invite allied health and registered nurse practitioners working in primary health services such as Primary Health Networks, private practices, community health services, Aboriginal health services, mental health services and general practices from all council areas in Australia to attend a HEAL™ facilitator training workshop and to deliver the program in their workplace or community.


HEAL™ training and licences

HEAL™ facilitator training workshops are currently held approximately every quarter in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and may also be arranged in your local area subject to demand (minimum 6 attendees). HEAL™ facilitator training is also now available via webinar format and may be most suited for practitioners living in rural and remote locations. Details of upcoming workshops can be found on the following page:

If you are interested in attending training please complete and return the HEAL™ - Facilitator Training Registration Form 2016-17.

HEAL™ licences options currently available include:

  1. Individual Allied Health Professional Licence: held by the individual health practitioner applying to deliver the HEAL™ program.
  2. Corporate Licence: held by the organisation applying for their nominated employees to be appointed as facilitators to conduct the HEAL™ program.
  3. Regional Licence: held by the organisation applying for the ability to directly engage and appoint their own providers as HEAL™ licensees (including individual allied health professional and corporate licensees).

Further information, application forms and licence agreement templates for all HEAL™ licence options are available via the links below.


HEAL™ Delivery Guide

A guide that aims to assist existing, newly trained and prospective HEAL™ facilitators to get HEAL™ programs up and running is now available. The HEAL™ Delivery Guide features a selection of profiles and perspectives from other facilitators who have delivered HEAL™ in different locations and settings across Australia. The profiles provide insight into some of the different approaches and strategies that have been taken to successfully deliver HEAL™ ‘on the ground’, including flexible approaches to deliver HEAL™ while addressing participant health needs.