Mental Wellbeing

There is more to mental health than treating mental illness; your mental wellbeing is something everybody needs to look after. Your mental wellbeing is how you cope with day to day life. Having a good mental wellbeing does not mean there will not be hard times however it does mean that you will have a  better ability to cope when times do  get tough. There is also evidence to show having good mental wellbeing can improve your physical health.

South Western Sydney Local Health District Mental Wellbeing Team are launching their campaign across the district  called Five Ways to Wellbeing  based on the following principles:

  • Connect - with the people around you, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and spend time developing these relationships
  • Give - of your time, your presence, your words, volunteering
  • Be Active - do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood
  • Keep Learning - embrace new experiences and opportunities
  • Take Notice - be mindful, appreciate little things, savour the moment, be in the moment.

By doing these five things every day, we can all achieve better mental wellbeing.

More information about this campaign will be available through the LHD mental wellbeing team: see their website.


Mental Health

The Mind Health Connect website defines Mental health conditions as a general term that includes mood or anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and  personality disorders. Some conditions occur once in a person’s life; other people experience recurrent symptoms over a lifetime with periods of recovery between.1 For some people symptoms of mental illness can persist and require greater specialist support to recover. Almost half of Australian adults will experience mental illness at some point in their lifestime.2

For support in identifying or managing any mental health concerns talking to your doctor is a great place to start. Doctors are able to advise on possible causes and suitable treatments. This may include talking therapies, medications, and lifestyle changes that can support your recovery. Just beginning a conversation with your doctor about any mental health concerns can start the journey to achieving better health.1


Local services

Visit the No Wrong Door website to find more information including local services available within South Western Sydney

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